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"We had the pleasure of having Lora as our daughter's teacher for four years. The way in which Lora structures the environment facilitates great opportunities for academic instruction, individualized exploration, and social and emotional growth, all while fostering a sense of curiosity and love of learning. When you walk into Lora's classroom you are met with a calm and serene environment, with all the kids happily and peacefully working, engaging with the guide, and engaging with each other. We had just completed the standard 3-year primary program with her when the pandemic hit, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to pivot to in-home instruction with her that continued to help our daughter stay on track academically, while also giving her and us a sense of normalcy and routine during a tumultuous year. Over the last 18 months I have gotten to know Lora as a person in addition to a teacher, and I can confidently say you will be making a great choice for your child to join her at Lovejoy Montessori. Lora, thank you for all you have done for our family, and I am so excited for your next class of kids to join you!"

- Kim, SW Portland 

"Miss Lora is the type of teacher you pray your child will get. Everyday our son Beau would come home from Miss Lora’s Montessori class excited and inspired by everything he learned. We noticed an immediate positive change in his behavior. His focus and concentration were more attuned. Beau was more thoughtful in his approach to daily challenges he faced in his life. He exhibited a lot more self-control and regulation. On a purely academic level, Beau was noticeably further along than his peers at other types of schools. Six year later and we are still thankful for all the positive impacts Miss Lora had on our child." - Francois & Lisa de Melogue

"Lora is a dedicated Montessorian who creates a warm, caring, and joyful space for the children in her care.

She carefully curates a prepared environment that supports the children in their need for independence and development of body coordination, concentration, and order. Truly an atmosphere of love and joy!"

 - Olynda Dubuisson, Portland OR

"Lora was a Montessori guide for our older child for 3 years, and our younger child for 1 year. While under her care, our children thrived! The kids did yoga, prepared snacks, and got so much time to play outdoors! Our 5-year-old was able to foster her love of books, learning how to read before entering kindergarten! While we knew nothing about Montessori before, we are huge fans of it now! It has empowered our children to be active participants in our home. As a teacher (guide), Lora is reliable, her communication is thorough, and our kids felt loved (seriously, they begged to go to school on the weekends). Her passion for early childhood education and development is apparent, and we always felt safe (in terms of COVID-19 protocols, cleanliness, and physical safety measures). We couldn’t recommend Lora and Lovejoy Montessori more!"-Bri & Ross, SW Portland

"Lora has a special gift of growing confidence in a child while guiding them through an advanced educational curriculum. Her classroom is always so welcoming and relaxing. You can tell how much she cares for her students by the amount of detail she puts towards every activity. Her knowledge on early child education can also be shared with parents to continue to give advice to be used at home. Lovejoy is the best place for your child to start their education years! Parents and children will fall in love. - Keturah Rider, Portland

"Lora creates a positive and creative environment that is warm and inclusive for all children.  Our child was identified as special needs early in his young education and Lora was extremely insightful and accommodating at helping us navigate it.  She promoted ways to provide special needs education while not at the loss of missing out on activities with peers.  While the initial identification of our child’s needs left me feeling vulnerable and nervous as a parent, Lora helped as a guide for our entire family and ensured it was not a disruption in our child’s social, emotional or scholastic development.   We appreciate the patience and kindness she offers to all children and the constant sense of independence and structure she promotes!  We highly recommend Lora and appreciate all that she does for her students and their families!”- E & D, SW Portland

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